preView is our ministry for birth through preschool-aged children on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. 

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Parents will experience a simple and secure check-in and check-out with their child.

The preView child will enjoy a safe and clean classroom setting with snacks, play, and a Bible lesson from a volunteer who loves to teach little ones about God. 

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preView lessons teach every child that God made the world, that God loves them, and how they can love God!

You aren't alone in raising your family to follow Jesus together.

Valley View's staff and leaders are passionate about partnering with parents to disciple families to build the Kingdom of God. We have yearly events, trainings, special electives, and more, all to equip parents to strengthen families and the future generations of God's Church. Learn more about Family Ministry for parents & marriages at Valley View.

Connect with other preView families online!

The Family Life Team created closed Facebook groups for the families in our church! We want a safe, shared space for Valley View parents to ask questions, share stories, and keep connected with everything happening in preView.

Note: Requests to join are approved for parents/guardians who have signed their child into a Valley View ministry or family event. Volunteers for each ministry are also encouraged to join. Questions? Email to learn more about these Facebook groups for Valley View families.