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God wants us to be engaged in the work of His Kingdom through serving.


Want to go deeper?

Tell us what your strengths are, where you're passionate, and who you love to spend time with! This assessment can equip you to give your strengths to God, and leverage them to build His Kingdom. 

Serve Events

Most events at Valley View need teams of volunteers to help! Find the events needing volunteers below, and call the office or fill out the forms above to join the team.


Serve the local community

God has called Valley View to illustrate His love for the world through our love for our city. We hold annual events to serve our city together, but there are plenty of ways for you, your family, and your Life Group to get involved!

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Serve the world

Valley View sponsors a number of missionaries who are spreading the Gospel all over the world. We support them three ways: financially, with intentional prayer, and by taking trips to serve with them where they live!

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