Welcome to KidzView!

KidzView is the main stop for kids in Kindergarten through fifth grade at 9:30am and 11am on Sundays. It's the place where your child can laugh and play, learn and grow, develop friendships and community, and most importantly, discover God's great love for them. Through games, activities, and engaging curriculum, KidzView inspires curiosity and wonder about God. Our hope is to be the spark that ignites a deeper sense of identity, belonging, and mission in each child we serve as they realize that their story is part of God's story. 

Your First Visit

On your fist visit, make sure you go to the KidzView check in desk located downstairs in the Family Center Lobby. One of our well trained volunteers will walk you through the registration process and check-in.

Once your child is registered for the first time, check-in is as easy as entering the last four digits of your phone number into the self-service kiosk. Your child's name tag and matching receipt will print at the kiosk, and you will need your receipt to pick-up your child after services.

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Child Safety

Your child is our highest priority here at Valley View. All volunteers who work with kids go through a screening protection process, and must abide by the policies the church has put into place. If you have any questions, please call 972-245-8822.

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Serving in KidzView is an investment into the future of God's Kingdom!

The Parent Partnership

Thank you for entrusting your child to KidzView. Amidst all the fun your child experiences in KidzView, we hope they leave inspired to discover more about God's love throughout the week. A vital part of spiritual growth lies in the hands of parents and guardians, so the KidzView team is dedicated to empowering you to bring what your child learns at church into conversations around the dinner table and your everyday moments together. Click here to join our Facebook page to find up-to-date information, ask questions, share stories, and keep connected with other families at Valley View. 

Join our KidzView Team

Serving in KidzView is an investment into the future of God's kingdom! When you join our team, you get a front row seat to watching the love of Jesus come alive each week through the eyes of a child. Our incredible team of volunteers make KidzView the special place it is, helping each child feel seen and known, and empowering them to learn and grow in their faith. 

If you're interested in making a difference in the lives of these amazing kids, email our Children's Minister at MFarley@vvcc.org for more information on how to join our team.