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I am so grateful that you have chosen to visit Valley View! God is doing amazing things through His church and we would love to have you join us as we pursue our call to inspire people to follow Jesus. 
Valley View is a church that Loves Dallas and Lives Free; and this year, we're focusing on God's desire for us to Lead Others to Him.

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Please prayerfully consider what God has next for you - we believe that question can be answered as you follow Jesus together by engaging in relationships you discover at Valley View.   
We want to help you find a Life Group - a small group of people who can encourage you to keep close to Jesus and help you discover what's next.

For now, your first step is the Next Room - it's open after both services on Sunday morning and I am there with others who would love to pray with you, talk with you about Jesus, and introduce you to Valley View. 

See you there soon,



valley view the next room

The NEXT Room

The glass room to the left of the Worship Center is open every Sunday after each service for those who are new and interested in learning more about Valley View, for those who need prayer, and for those who want to talk about Jesus.  

Discover Valley View

Discover Valley View is your opportunity to interact with leadership and staff, and get involved! It's a casual, classroom-style meet-up where leadership explains what we believe, gives a brief history of the church and how it’s structured, and what it means to be a member. This is a comfortable setting to ask questions about theology, eldership, baptism or more! 

The Church would not exist without all the members following Christ in their unique individual ways. Discover Valley View gives you the relationship to come alongside church leaders so we can move the Kingdom forward as we follow Jesus together!

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Valley View life groups prayer together

Life Groups

Life Groups are small gatherings of 8-10 people who follow Jesus together, build community and relationships, engage in Kingdom work together, and pray. They are an essential part of our mission to daily love God and the people in our community and world! 

You can enter a Life Group after attending Discover Valley View and Next Steps. Read more about Life Groups here.

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