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Valley View sponsors a number of missionaries who are spreading the Gospel all over the world. We support them three ways: financially, with intentional prayer, and by taking trips to serve with them where they live!

Pennies: Our gifts of financial support will be substantial.

We do not just want to give a little here and there; instead, our financial support is intentional and impactful. We want to be a "sending church"; where our missionaries are confident we know their mission is highly valuable, and that we love how the Lord is working through them.

Prayer: The greatest support that we can give is our prayers.

We are constantly praying for these brothers and sisters. We know what is going on in their lives and are earnestly seeking the Father on their behalf: praying that our Lord would protect them, praying that God would give them perseverance, and praying that He, who is able to do far more than we could ever ask or imagine, would continually open doors for the Gospel so they can proclaim Him clearly.

Presence: We are actively involved in the lives of our missionaries.

We encourage our missionaries with regular visits! Our goal is to visit each supported missionary with a group trip at least once every three years. These visits enable us to be eyewitnesses of God's work, helps us spur them on to continue their labor, and lets us literally join them in their work! 

Past Trips

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