Discipleship happens best when you are in relationship with other people.

At Valley View, we Follow Jesus Together. Life Groups serve as the way that we come together to learn God's Word, develop authentic community and love the world around us.

So what happens in a Life Group? It's a place where you can develop some of life’s most important relationships, and where you can accomplish four key things in a safe, small group of people:

Follow Jesus Together

We really do believe that following Jesus happens best when you are in relationship with other people. 

Build Community

Life is not meant to be lived alone. Jesus established the Church in order for Christians to build community with one another. Life Groups help us build close relationships with other Christians.

Engage In Kingdom Work

We want to Love Dallas daily. Life Groups help us to reach out to the world and love it like Jesus.


We want to pray like Jesus, “Your Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.” Prayer is powerful when we pray together, and because we believe that God answers prayers daily, we will pray together boldly and wait together expectantly.