What does it mean to lead others? We invite people to know and follow Jesus with us.

We invite people to know and follow Jesus with us.

"Jesus said, `Come and see.' They went and saw the place where Jesus was staying. The time was about four o'clock in the afternoon. They stayed with Jesus the rest of the day. The first thing Andrew did then was to find his brother Simon. He said, `We have found the Messiah!' "

JOHN 1:39,41

The most natural response to finding Jesus is to bring others with us. The transformation Jesus brings us, as we follow Him and begin to live free, will create an automatic desire to share His goodness with the people in our lives.

Valley View provides opportunities throughout the year to learn how to share Jesus with others. This will occur through teaching in special electives, sermons, and more.

One of the major goals of our regular events is to provide an easy opportunity for you to bring someone with you to meet your church family. Find Valley View events here.