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40 weeks finding new life.

A small group-based recovery and discipleship ministry.


New Life meets at Valley View Christian Church,

Tuesdays, 6:45pm - 8:30pm

17601 Marsh Ln, Dallas, TX 75287 

New Life groups create a safe space for you to identify what is separating you from Jesus, and provides the community you need to grow into the freedom he has for you.

New Life helps you to Live Free.


New Life starts with Groundwork.

Spend several weeks building trust with your group and leaders, and prepare for the 12 steps.

Step 1: Admit

Mankind’s depravity

Step 2: Believe

The nature of God

Step 3: Trust

Salvation through Christ

Step 4: Inventory

Identify sinful nature

Step 5: Confess

Agree with God about sin and its harm

Step 6: Repent

Turn from sin to face Christ


Step 7: Follow

Walk by the Spirit to follow Christ

Step 8: Forgive

Transfer debts owed to God

Step 9: Amends

Make Amends, repair damage

Step 10: Continue

Daily discipline of recovery

Step 11: Intimacy

Intimacy with God brings freedom

Step 12: Regenerate

Make Disciples


What is New Life?

New Life uses re:generation curriculum, designed with the belief that people can experience new life and freedom by working through steps of healing given to us by God through the Bible.  

Re:generation is 12-step discipleship through recovery. By working through these biblical steps within an authentic community, people have found freedom from substance abuse, codependency, pornography, eating disorders, depression, fear, control, emotional/physical abuse, same sex attraction, anger, obsessive thoughts and many other personal struggles.

We know that not everyone who comes to New Life will enter understanding the Bible or believing in the God of the Bible.  New Life is a safe place for anyone to honestly process questions and doubts.  Our prayer is that you will find the same peace that we have found. 

God loves you.  He wants to heal you and has a plan for you.  All are welcome.

What kind of issues are participants in recovery for?

We all experience brokenness in life. We all struggle with sin, separateness from God. We need freedom from something—an addiction, unhealthy habit or pain—we feel stuck. Here is a list of 100+ Common Struggles and Personal Assessment. On average, a person will deal with 68 of the struggles listed at some point in their lives! If you are tired, broken, or hurting, you are invited to find recovery in Jesus Christ.  

How does New Life work?

New Life is a biblically-based 12-step discipleship program structured within the context of small groups. Your first seven weeks will be spent in a Groundwork group. Once you have completed the Groundwork book, you will be placed into a step-group to go through the 12 steps. For the next 33 weeks you will progress through the steps using daily curriculum along with other step-group members. 

How long is the program?

The entire New Life program takes about 40 weeks: Groundwork takes about 7 weeks, step-groups take 33 weeks. The Groundwork curriculum lessons take about 10 minutes per day while step-group curriculum takes about 30 minutes per day. 30 minutes a day with God for 40 weeks on your recovery will change your life – it did ours.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to attend New Life. Once you decide to start the curriculum, you will need to purchase books at different stages of the ministry (about every six weeks). There are a total of six books. Books cost $10, except for the Inventory Workbook, which accompanies Step 4-6 and costs $5. Total cost is $55 and spread out through the program. 

What is the structure of the meetings?

New Life will begin with all leaders and participants gathered together during the first 45 minutes to worship and hear a testimony or teaching. The large gathering will then break into small groups – a men’s group and a women’s group.  The small groups will meet for the next hour. All together, the gathering lasts about an hour and 45 minutes.

Is childcare available?

Childcare is available at no charge with advance notification to New Life leadership. When registering for New Life you will have the opportunity to provide your children’s names and ages that need childcare.

Where can books be purchased?

When registering for New Life you will pay $10 that covers the cost for the first book - Groundwork.  You will be given your Groundwork book at the end of the first meeting. Subsequent books will be available for purchase on meeting nights prior to beginning Step 1, 4, 7 and 10.      

      Steps 1-3:  Realize Your Need for God’s Grace

    Steps 4-6:  Receive God’s Grace + Inventory Workbook

    Steps 7-9:  Respond to God’s Grace

    Steps 10-12:  Re:Generation Because of God’s Grace

Additional questions?

Please email or call the church office at 972-245-8822 for answers.