That’s my “word for the year”, I’ve decided.


Each new year, I try to pray over what God would have me focus on for the upcoming year. This year, I feel strongly that I need to be more intentional with aspects of my life. I have found my life can often just drift. Not necessarily bad, but just drifting.


Wherever the flow takes me. Whatever need arises first. Whatever relationship needs the most attention. Whatever wheel “squeaks” the most… this works best with my Phlegmatic personality. But it isn’t always the best way to forge ahead into “better.”


I’d like to be more intentional with aspects of my marriage, life with my children, friends, and even my job. But, the area where I feel like I need the most intentionality is with my relationship with God. I love God. I know a lot of things about the Bible and following Jesus. But sometimes, that’s exactly my problem. I rely on my knowledge too much, so I start to drift. Just enough knowledge to know a little about God, and then I’m good. Just a little bit of prayer and I’m good.


Now, God is calling me to something deeper, greater. Something that requires stepping out in faith, and putting more effort into listening to God and seeing Him at work. Something that requires more than just drifting.


Do you ever feel that pull as well? I feel very strongly this can be a year that finds both you and me intentionally connecting with God on a deeper level. Our culture is starving for godly men and women to rise to the surface and shed light in our culture. But we have to be intentional about seeking Jesus.


Valley View wants to help you be intentional with your faith development, but it won’t happen if you are content to drift. One of the ways we want to help you push harder is through our Adult Elective classes we are offering this semester. Read below for a list of electives that will happen on Sunday mornings.



Room 207

“How to Read the Bible” taught by Dr. Mark Hahlen. You wanted to start the New Year right by being in God’s Word, so let us help you know where to start and how to get the most out of reading God’s Word.


Room 201

“Acts 1-4: The Beginning of the Church” taught be Chad Pickens, Taylor Duke, and Steven English. This class is a detailed look walking through the book of Acts, the record of how the early church lived and was moved by the Holy Spirit.


Room 230

“Faith in Action” taught by Rondal Smith, Jack Straus, et al. Looking at living an active life of faith as we look through Acts, the book of Daniel, and various writings from Paul.


Room 210 (3rd Sunday of each month)

“Propel” elective for women. Join us as we follow the Propel curriculum from Christine Caine and others, geared specifically to women as they lead in the world around them.



Room 230

“The Book of Malachi” taught by Richard Clark. This is a great group of men and women 65 years and older who love to study God’s Word and take care of one another.


Room 201

“Book of Matthew” taught by Eddy Villaseca. This is a wonderful group of men and women who prefer to learn in Spanish.


Would you join me in working toward a more intentional pursuit of God this year? Take advantage of some great classes we have coming up to deepen your faith, and let’s watch what God does this year!

Mike Havens

Discipleship Minister