Why Discover?

Author: Joe Weece, Senior Minister

For the past several years, we have offered an event called "Discover Valley View" that gives an opportunity for anyone to interact with our leadership and staff and get involved! Sunday morning is a casual classroom-style meet-up where leadership explains what we believe, gives a brief history of the church and how it's structured, and what it means to be a member. This is a comfortable setting to ask questions about theology, eldership, baptism or more! The following Sunday, we have a "Next Steps" elective, so everyone who attended Discover can sign up for a Life Group, find their place to serve at Valley View, and learn all the ways they can grow as a Christian through our discipleship programming.

Now, it's easy to see all this and think, "Iā€™m glad this exists but it doesn't sound like anything that applies to me." There are a few big reasons why I think Discover is an important event to attend as a part of the body of Valley View Christian Church.

1. An Open Dialogue

Coming to Discover Valley View gives you an opportunity to engage in a comfortable conversation to discuss important faith issues! A time for open dialogue will allow for a deeper understanding of Scripture and Christianity. Discover is an ideal opportunity to get to know our leadership and deepen your experience with Christ.

2. Many Parts, One Body

We believe the Church would not exist without all the members following Christ in their unique individual ways, and we are determined to operate in openness so we can hear what Christ is doing with our members! We don't want people to come here and feel like they cannot be heard or known by church leadership because that's not how the church is meant to work (1 Corinthians 12). Discover Valley View gives you the relationship to come alongside leaders so we can move the Kingdom forward - together!

3. Believe and Belong

Discover Valley View is more than just a forum to discuss and learn; it is your opportunity to strengthen your beliefs, and align those beliefs with a community that is walking with you - shoulder to shoulder - on mission to inspire others to follow Jesus. You don't have to walk through the Christian life on your own!

Something I love about God's character is that He is always doing something new with His people for His Kingdom (2 Corinthians 5:17, Revelation 21:1-7), and that is so evident here at Valley View! God is doing great things, and we want you to join us in them. Discover is the best first step in coming alongside as we continue on mission to inspire people to follow Jesus.

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