PROPEL for Women

Authors: Crystal Brooks & DeeAnn Fuerst, Propel Ministry Leaders

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like, REALLY didn’t belong? I am talking about that feeling you get when you are doing "all the right things" and saying "all the right words" but it doesn’t seem to click outside of your brain. Well, welcome to the past 40 years of my life. I bought into the lie that because I was successful at my career, that was where God wanted me to be.

In October 2014, I realized that God had been working in my life, showing me ever so slowly that he had a better plan for me. I do belong. My life does matter.

When I found Propel I was really trying to figure out where my focus needed to be. Christine Caine - a speaker and author I had been following for a while - announced a plan to launch this magazine called Propel for Women. I love to read, so I signed up! Soon, she announced the next step: Chapters of Propel, an opportunity to share teaching and training from a collective of Women in all areas of life.

When I approached the leadership of Valley View about starting a chapter here, I had no idea who would partner with me on this endeavor, and had been praying for the right person to come forward. One day, I saw DeeAnn Fuerst had shared a quote from Propel on Facebook! I instantly messaged her and asked if she would consider being my partner in crime and co-lead the Valley View chapter with me, and she was just as excited to start this initiative!

My prayer is that Propel would give the women of Valley View the skills and confidence to lead well in their circle of influence.

~ Crystal Brooks


When Christine Caine posted online about a new women's leadership initiative she was starting called Propel Women,  I was already in! I subscribed to and have devoured the articles and videos weekly.

My season of life is changing.  Both my kids will graduate high school in the next two years, leaving me with an "empty nest," and I've been a single parent for most of their lives! Those two facts together equal one very large reality for me: I'm going to have a significant amount of time on my hands in a very short period of time. As you can imagine, I've spent a lot of time thinking about how this next season of life will look:  how things will change, what will occupy my time, how to deal with the lonely. The answer that keeps coming back loud and clear is this: it's time to pour into others.  That's why I'm super excited about Propel!

Propel provides a structured way to build authentic relationships with other women regardless of their season.  I think that's what I love the most about this curriculum: it meets you EXACTLY where you are! It doesn't matter if you're fresh out of college, have had a twenty year career, are childless, pregnant, an empty nester, single, married, or divorced, Propel will meet you and say, "You're worthy, God loves you, and He wants to use you to further the Kingdom."

I get giddy every week when I get the email about a new article or video from Propel. I do! I can't log on fast enough to get to the new content. It never fails, there is a truth in the form of a sound bite or quote that jumps out and smacks me right in the face.  EVERY TIME.  It's the practical mixed with the spiritual that really hits home for me.

As women, it can be difficult to plug into leadership positions without getting labeled in some manner. Sometimes its easy to think, "I'll never be like Ruth or that Proverbs 31 Woman because I'm _____________ - so why try?" Propel is here to encourage you that it really is the journey that matters. God gave you unique abilities and placed you in a specific situation for His purpose. He's calling. Will you answer?

I cannot WAIT to share Propel with you!

~ DeeAnn Fuerst