Mexico Missions Trip

Author: Chad Pickens, Outreach Minister

We are a family of believers who are committed to worshiping together, serving together, and growing together. One of the ways God has called us to do this is by going, not just across the street, but also around the world; He has called us to leave the comfort of familiarity and join Him as He works in lands and cultures foreign to us. When we are obedient in going, it is an act of worship, and through such obedience, the Lord is faithful in producing faith and spiritual maturity in us.

mexico missions trip valley view dallas

The Lord has been ministering to many in Piedras Negras, Mexico, through Vida Nueva Ministries for almost 27 years. This past November, five men from Valley View took an opportunity to join God in the work that He is doing there. Over the course of our three day visit, we were able to witness how God has been working through the church and the school there.

mexico missions trip valley view dallas

Our primary focus was construction: building a carport for the minister's home, as well as chicken coops and pig pens for the students who are involved in Future Farmers of Mexico. I am so thankful that the Lord chose to send us there. Phil fixed the kitchen sink, Fausto translated at church on Sunday, and Mike cooked pancakes over a campfire! We have many other stories we would love to share with you. Just ask Marcus; this trip was the first time that he had been on any kind of mission trip, or out of the country. Saturday night was even the first time for him to give a devotion to a group of people, and he did a great job!

"I had a great time with the other men, and I think we all worked well together to accomplish the tasks to which we were set. Despite the almost constant rain, we built a carport for a man named Jair (hi-air) who started the church and schools decades ago. He’s retiring from the administration of the mission and becoming the full-time pastor at the church there. He and his wife will be moving into the house where our group of men stayed, the house upon which we built the carport. We also completed other construction tasks that we were set to – cutting walls for a chicken coop, floors for a rabbit cage, and building walls for a pig pen.

"Our willingness to help with any task, and give as well as receive guidance, not to mention our daily devotionals and discussions that we all shared, showed me the hearts of the men I was with. Our conversations covered movies, politics, God’s Word, and a slew of other things. We enjoyed each others company over several meals, and for our last breakfast we had fire-grilled pancakes courtesy of Mike and Chad. Over all, the experience wasn’t as primitive as I had imagined it would be, though I doubt it would have mattered much. I will definitely plan on going with another men’s mission group, or where ever I feel God’s hand guiding me to DO for His kingdom!" - Marcus Eyre

(All photos by Marcus Eyre)

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