Life, Death, and the “Warm Fuzzies” of Easter Church Attendance

Author: Daniel Harney, Worship & Creative Arts Minister

Tradition. Celebration. Expectation. Anticipation.

Guilt. Obligation.

Excitement. The "warm fuzzies".  Donuts.

These are some (but not all) of the reasons why we show up at church on Easter.  But not all of them are the best reasons.

Do you ever wonder why our culture rallies around Easter?  We all know people who "go to church" because they attend on Christmas Eve and Easter, but why?  Individually the previously mentioned reasons may play a deciding factor in showing up on Easter morning.  But what is it that prompts our culture to see any level of validity in a holiday that celebrates a guy named Jesus? For most of the year and for many lifestyles, Jesus gets written off, or at the very least, put on the back burner as a non-priority.  What is it about Easter that softens an entire culture's attitude toward Jesus? Dyed eggs, fluffy bunnies, egg hunts, a ten pound chocolate sculpture of something that used to resemble a rabbit holding an egg?  I really don't believe that is enough to alter the perspective of an entire people group.

Here's what I think: on the whole, humanity is not a big fan of death.  We don't like it, and we do everything in our power to avoid it; but our ears perk up when we hear a story about someone coming back to life.   We love the idea that death doesn't have ultimate power!  It doesn't have to have the last say.  Whether we are life-long Christians or Easter-only attenders, we are drawn to the promise of a life greater than death.

Easter is the clear and proud defiance of death. The grave couldn't hold Jesus!

He is the fullness of life.  Yesterday. Today. Forever.  He holds that life for each of us - all we have to do is continually choose to be in that life.

So there's the challenge: come back to life.  Stay in Jesus.  Let Easter be a time to make the choice to live a life greater than death.

Be alive.

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