Christ's Love on Valentine's Day

Author: Amy Irby, preView Director

I love holidays because they are a time of celebration!  Valentine’s Day is especially fun because it’s such a fun opportunity to show those around you how much you love them! Some special things I like to do with my kids on Valentine’s Day are make cookies, make cards for their grandparents, and decorate the house with paper hearts. Matthew, my husband, usually takes our boys out to run an “errand” and they come back with some special treat for me.

As I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day this year, I’ve been thinking a little differently. What if I show love to those I don’t know so well this year? What if my kids and I make cookies and cards and bring them to our neighbors or local fire station? We could also bring treats to the stores and restaurants that we visit frequently just to thank them.

Loving Dallas is a mindset that doesn’t come naturally for me, but Christ commands it! He tells us in the book of John that we must love others because He has first loved us. This Valentine’s Day (and every day) let’s try to look up and seek out those around us who need to feel Christ’s love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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