Led by the Spirit

When we walk in step with the Spirit, He leads us places we'd never go...

He led me to leave my hometown in Maine to go to the inner city of Philadelphia, and many times He led me back there, again and again. All the while, I was thinking I would save a bunch of lost souls, only to find my own soul was lost within a mess of it's own!

'Where He leads me I will follow.' These words crossed my lips many times, and every time, they beckoned me to follow.

The Spirit has taken me across bridges, down hallways, and into rooms of broken souls and grieving parents, to sit beside addicts and women who have been selling their bodies even before they could understand why their fathers were dropping them off at house after house.

The Spirit isn't choosy of the ones He sends us because He sees EVERY soul as the ONE He sent us to! We are His means to make HIS introduction to them.

One day, buried deep into my writing at a coffee shop, He began His nudging. I tried to ignore it, telling Him 'not now, please!'

But, as He does so often when He interrupts our day, He pushed me a little harder until all I could do was pay attention. I looked up to see who He was leading me to.

I responded to Him, negotiating... 'Lord, she's wrapped up in work of her own, and besides, there is a guy sitting very close to her, and he will think I've lost it if I walk up and just start talking!'

What we often forget is the one He is calling us to, He is also preparing.

I told God one last time, 'Lord, if I'm to go over to her, please let the guy beside her leave.'  

I tried getting back to my writing...

A second hardly passed before I glanced up and saw the seat beside her was empty... the guy had left.

I knew I had to walk across the room. He was sending me to her.

With as much courage as I could bring, I tapped her gently on her shoulder and apologized for interrupting.

As I spoke the words He had given me to say, I saw her eyes begin to tear up. She knew who had sent me. We visited for a while that day. She shared her heart with me, and confirmed the exact words I was led to speak were the healing words her broken heart was needing.

You see...

God sees each of one of us individually. He sees straight into our heart and knows exactly what we are aching for.

Then, He sends a minister of mercy to meet us in our time of need.

If only we could see with His eyes.

What if we loved each person like Jesus does?

The leading of the Spirit is how we can love like Jesus... He leads us & His love bleeds through us into our world.

When we see others like Jesus, we are able to see who He's leading us to, and where His Spirit needs us to go!

Being led by the Spirit requires us to have God's perspective and see others as He sees them.

Guest Author: Ruthann Weece. Ruthann and her husband Joe have a band of brothers and a sweet daughter-in-law who has joined their tribe. She loves to write from the deep places of her soul where God is doing His best work!